What is endodontics?

The area of dentistry related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental pulp disorders is called endodontics (root canal therapy). The dental pulp is your tooth's soft core and it harbors the nerve of the tooth. Root canal therapy safely and effectively saves a tooth by cleaning out and filling a damaged pulp.

Why does the pulp become damaged?

A tooth that is fractured or has a deep cavity can cause damage to the dental pulp. 

What if it isn't treated?

When the diseased pulp is left untreated, it dies, and the bone around the tooth will be destroyed. At this point the tooth may not be saved.  Often time patients can develop pain, swelling, and an abscess.


How will the dentist save my tooth?

Your dentist will remove the diseased pulp, clean the tooth's chambers and root canals, disinfect with special medications and a laser, and seal them to prevent further contamination. You will be given local anesthetic during treatment for your comfort.  It is very important to have the tooth restored as soon as possible after the root canal treatment to prevent any complicatons.

Remember, a healthy, restored tooth is always better than an artificial one.


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