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Crowns (also known as caps) are beautiful, natural looking, long-lasting way to restore teeth that had root canal treatment, have large damaged fills, or are fractured. Crowns cover the damaged tooth. Crowns are fabricated at the dental laboratory and are made of precious metal, porcelain, or a combination of both.  Your doctor will recommend you as to which type of a crown would be best for you.


A bridge is a series of crowns that are made together to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The result is a natural looking replacement that is permanently cemented in place.  Bridges require a special way of cleaning.  Your doctor will show you how to clean under and around the bridge.


If you prefer not to have a removable denture or a bridge to replace missing teeth, you might consider an implant. An implant is a metal cylinder resembling a root that is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The procedure is performed by a periodontist, an oral surgeon, or an implant trained general dentist. Once your body accepts an implant your implant can be restored with a crown, bridge or a modified denture.

Implants help maintain healthy adjacent teeth and also slow down or stop bone loss that occurs once teeth have been lost.


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Dentures are either full or partial depending on the amount of remaining healthy teeth present. These are removable, and may be the best choice for the patient depending on their needs. Dentures would need to be relined or replaced depending on a condition of the gum tissue and supporting bone architecture.


Fillings are either silver (amalgam), white (composite), or gold. Your dentist will recommend which is the best for your particular case. A filling is placed when decay is found and removed. 

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